Xbox One Gamers Can Rejoice, A New Exclusive Fable RPG Title in the Works

Xbox One Gamers Can Rejoice, A New Exclusive Fable

Microsoft has been lacking in the exclusives department on the Xbox One console.

And, all the titles they released so far have been released on Windows 10 PCs as part of their cross buy business model.

While Xbox One gamers are complaining here and there, it is the PlayStation 4 gamers who have been asking for some worthy exclusives to compete with. Reviving the Fable franchise seems like a good decision to make as it has the best storyline that you might have seen in a game through the years. As with most other titles, it may be made available both on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One consoles on launch.

Xbox One Gamers Can Rejoice, A New Exclusive Fable RPG Title in the Works

The title which is still being rumored to be under development is said to be a story driven RPG game. Microsoft choose to shut down Lionhead Studios, the team behind Fable and remained silent for so long until this new rumor has emerged. The game is just around the corner even though it might be revealed during E3 2018, there is still time for the actual game to hit the Xbox One, One S and One X consoles.

Development of the new story based Fable RPG is being handled by Playground Games, the team behind the Forza Horizon titles. The work is being carried out in the new office set up in Warwickshire and a dedicated team of 200 developers, designers are hired by the company in order to complete the title in time. The final release may take its own sweet time but with the E3 event just around the corner for this year, it will definitely be the stage where Microsoft would show off its game.

Xbox One Gamers Can Rejoice, A New Exclusive Fable RPG

After all, Sony has been showcasing some of their exclusive titles like God of War, The Last of Us 2 and Spiderman for a very long time even though the actual release date is nowhere to be seen. It is also being said that the massive success of Horizon Zero Dawn has inspired Microsoft to invest in a RPG which is a single player title and will reap enough business unlike other games which often rely on expansion packs and providing a multiplayer experience encouraging players to keep paying for lootboxes.

Fable franchise is a worthy addition to the console and if it is on par with Horizon Zero Dawn, it might be the exclusive that Xbox One gamers are looking forward to own.

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