Project Fi Brings Unlimited Data Plans with Bill Protection Model

Project Fi Brings Unlimited Data Plans with Bill Protection

Google has been pushing Project Fi to the majority of users around the country and they have introduced new unlimited plans with Bill Protection model.

The advantage that you gain is that it is much cheaper and ensures that your maximum bill per month doesn’t exceed the proposed limit making it easier to fix a budget.

Users always find themselves in a tough situation when making the right call. There are too many cellphone carriers and each one of their plans favor one thing over the other. Finally, it has come to a point where most people want nothing but ample data usage without having to pay extra every month. Besides, there are so many offers to choose from that includes massive discounts on flagship smartphones.

Project Fi

Coping up with changing needs, Google has officially come up with a series of unlimited data and call plans for their Project Fi cellular service. It should possibly convince a lot of individuals to upgrade to their network as the base plan starts at $20 for an individual which includes free phone calls and text messages. At the end of the billing cycle, they will be paying $10 per GB and it goes up to $80 with maximum data cap set at 6GB.

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With the bill protection model, the service provider ensures that you would never have to pay anything extra and it is an unlimited billing model. However, there is a fair usage policy and the 4G internet speeds will go down to 256kbps once the user touches the maximum data limit of 15GB. The lower speed will be applicable until the next billing cycle begins. Google’s Project Fi also includes plans for multiple users and the same concept of $10 per GB is applicable.

Project Fi Brings Unlimited Data Plans

In order to make it easier for two or more people in a combined plan, the company increases the minimum data limit to 18GB when there are six members in the plan. They won’t pay any more than $180 during a billing period for data and the maximum bill amount will not cross $275 ensuring that your monthly billing budget is intact.

Project Fi has made a lot of changes since its inception and is going on a good run with better coverage as well as plans that would convince users to go with it. It is to be seen if this new bill protection model and affordable rates would increase its subscriber count.

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