Xbox One is Not Getting TV DVR Feature, Microsoft Confirmed

Xbox One

In the past, Microsoft promised that they are going to add a TV DVR feature to the Xbox One console.

A new update confirmed that the company has dropped the plan and is not going to integrate such features.

The idea of being able to schedule television shows on the go and stream shows directly was definitely intriguing. Users no longer have to rely on the television service provider’s catalog or any app. Instead, they can use their gaming console to do a wide variety of tasks. According to the what Microsoft suggested in the past, Xbox One will even allow people to download their favorite television shows and watch them on the go. It was praised by most but due to technical reasons and issues in implementing the thought, the brand has decided to forego the idea.

In their official press statement, Microsoft said, “We carefully considered the possibility of adding the DVR feature as planned. It was supposed to enable users to enjoy over the air television content. However, due to development reasons, we have decided to withhold the idea and focus on more immediate goals instead. Our focus will now be shifted to an ultimate gaming experience on the Xbox One console and Windows computers. Our team is always working towards what fans need. We are looking forward to bring a wide range of content and experience on the Xbox Live platform, Windows 10 machines and Xbox One console.”

Xbox One Is Not Getting TV DVR Feature

The TV DVR feature was not only scheduled for launch on the console but also on computers running Windows 10 operating system. Recently, Microsoft has been working on integrating both platforms so as to enable users to enjoy gaming and entertainment seamlessly. The DVR feature, if introduced will be limited to free to air television. The company launched digital TV tuners in specific regions including Europe and US.

The tuners enabled this feature and was supposed to be a good alternative for the Windows media center that Microsoft choose to discontinue in its latest operating system. The company wants to make sure their fans know that their focus is always on gaming. Sony marketed the PS4 console as a pure gaming machine while Microsoft wanted it to be an all in one device. It backfired during the launch. The company fix it all during the E3 2016 show scheduled to take place next week where some exclusive launches are expected to take place.

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