Xbox One X 4K Performance Benchmark Revealed, 60FPS is Still a Tough Target

starwars 4k

With still months to go before the launch, Microsoft has called upon Digital Foundry the team that checks and compares games to benchmark their celebrated Xbox One X, the true 4K console.

Consoles, be it the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X are limited by their price tag because PC Gamers invest close to $2,000 to get the coveted 4K, 60 FPS mark. However, the newly announced Microsoft console does have its fair share of boosted performance while it has to compromise in some areas even though it may not be much of a concern when the visuals look so good on a Ultra HD television. Running games at 60 frames per second is very difficult but the console touches somewhere close to 40-35 FPS.

Forza Motorsport 7 Porsche GT2 RS 4K Front Angle

There is a significant lack of titles that were originally designed for the X console and all the games tested were ones that are already available for the Xbox One but were bumped in terms of graphics and resolution. Forza MotorSport 7 is the biggest and the best looking title of them all that ran in native 4K resolution while offering amazing 60 frames per second. The hardware is definitely great and the developers have optimized it so much right from the scratch that it delivers without hiccups.

Next in the line is Gears of War 4 that once again being an Xbox, Windows 10 exclusive managed to bump itself up to native 4K but a slight compromise has to be made as it runs at 40 FPS. While an action game like GoW 4 will obviously look more cinematic when the frames are lower, it could turn off some fans who wanted to know if the expensive $500 X console would deliver them PC like experience without having to spend a fortune. In terms of frames, it doesn’t but optimization and software updates could bump it up a little more.

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Star Wars Battlefront was the next title in the lineup which ran at a meager 720p on the Xbox One console and will be bumped up to 4K on Xbox One X. Obviously, it is going to lack in terms of graphical fidelity and may not be a worthy competitor because it is owned by EA. The only thing Microsoft could do is use dynamic resolution instead of native 4K to make the game run at decent frame rates, possibly 30 FPS.

In conclusion, Digital Foundry added that any game that runs at 900p or an even lesser 720p on the Xbox One will run with dynamic resolution scaling on Xbox One X as they may output the best results at native 4K resolution.

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