Google Pixel users facing download issues with the latest Android security update

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Google has just started rolling out the latest Android security patch to the Pixel and Nexus devices, but it appears that those using the former devices are already experiencing issues with this update.

While the issues have nothing to do with the installed update itself, it seems that those trying to download and install it are not able to do so. The update started rolling out yesterday and apparently, some Google Pixel owners can only see the error message “Couldn’t update – installation problem” when the try to getting their phones updated.

The frustrated users have already taken to the usual forums on Google Product and Reddit, but so far, the tech giant has confirmed that it is looking into the matter. Apparently, this issue seems to be limited to the smaller Google Pixel phone as those using the larger Pixel XL seem to be okay with updating to the July Android security patch.

It’s strange that the Google Pixel is unable to download and install this update, but the good side of the story is that this issue, unlike previous cases, doesn’t affect the functionality of the phone in any way. Hopefully, Google will find a solution really quick and allow Pixel owners to get to the latest security patch as soon as they can.

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