Xbox Scorpio Brings High End PC Performance to Console Pricing, Microsoft Exec

Xbox Scorpio

Sony launched their PS4 Pro console and working on optimizing all games to run at 4K with a lot of gimmicks.

Microsoft is confident that their Xbox Scorpio console will be much powerful than the Pro and will offer true 4K performance, similar to that of a high end PC.

“Players are already enjoying impressive, high end visuals using PCs that cost them thousands of dollars. We worked on all possible aspects to find ways to bring that kind of performance to a console without spending lots. The Xbox Scorpio is the result of our hard work and it brings such gaming experience to your living room. The console will deliver true 4K and is the most powerful console ever to hit the market,” said Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg.

Xbox One S

Microsoft has already promised that Scorpio has the capability to render all first party titles in 4K resolution while a lot of third party games will be pushed to run at native UHD resolution. Making games run at native UHD is a really difficult task and in current times, a high end, expensive graphics card like the Nvidia GTX 1080 is capable of achieving it at good frame rates. The pricing of the single GFX is usually on par with the entire console’s cost, close to $600 or more but Microsoft is supposed to provide the entire machine within this price bracket.

When Sony launched the PS3 console at $600, it led to a lot of backlash but still remains as the most powerful console till date and managed to run all latest games for more than seven whole years. In another statement, it was confirmed that the Xbox Scorpio console will be priced on par with other launches of the past and it won’t be something that people have never witnessed before. If we are to interpret the statement, it is not going to go higher than the benchmark set by Sony.

Xbox Scorpio

Console gamers are used to paying affordable prices but games and multiplayer subscription are usually higher whereas PC gamers purely invest in their hardware. You can easily buy a PS4 Slim or Xbox One S for just $300 along with multiple free games. It sounds like an easy choice for most at the moment and only those with 4K televisions should consider paying $400 for a PS4 Pro machine. The scenario could be completely different by holiday 2017 which is when Project Scorpio will be available in stores. 4K televisions could have become the bare minimum in a year, with prices becoming more affordable in recent times.

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