Xbox Scorpio Will Have Only VR Exclusives, Not AAA Titles

Xbox One Scorpio Not More Than $600

Details related to the next gen Xbox Scorpio console has started trickling in.

The latest update is that Microsoft has decided to skip exclusive titles once for all.

They have already announced during the E3 2016 event that every game available on the Xbox One console is coming to Windows 10 PCs. Games like Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 are good examples. These titles used to be the system sellers in the previous console generation. Microsoft took a huge turn at this year’s gaming expo and announced that there won’t be any exclusives except for Halo 5 Guardians.

The first person shooter title that made Xbox 360 so popular and Xbox One worthwhile is not coming to Windows 10 PCs yet. In the next generation, Xbox Scorpio console which is expected to be powerful as any high end PC and capable of rendering 4K gaming will not have any consoles exclusives. Instead they will focus on providing exclusive VR games so as to bring new gamers onboard.

Xbox Scorpio Will Have Only VR Exclusives, Not AAA Titles

“We are not going to have any console exclusive games for Project Scorpio. VR is what we expect to rule the next generation and will bring new experience to our highly ambitious console project. We will have our utmost focus on it,” said Aaron Greenberg, marketing chief at Xbox.

Sony is about to launch Playstation VR. Instead of waiting for another generation to launch PS5, the company has decided to go with the PS4 console. They are yet to officially confirm the existence of the PS4.5 console. Even if confirmed, it is not going to change anything much as VR games are supposed to run seamlessly on both consoles.

The brand did a similar strategy with the PS Move controllers that copied what Nintendo did with Wii. It was a last minute decision and didn’t contribute much to gaming experience. Let’s just hope that the same doesn’t happen with Playstation VR. The hardware available on the PS4 console is very minimal and the PS4.5 or Neo might be little better.

Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio is an extremely powerful machine capable of running games at full 4K resolution with good frame rates. There is no confirmed release date for the same and we have no idea how the virtual reality headset will look like. It’s time to join the hype train and wait for some interesting announcements at E3 2017 next year. For now, you can go for the Xbox One S console.

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