Why PS4.5/ Neo Will Not Affect PS4 Gamers On Launch?

PS4.5 Neo

Sony is yet to officially confirm the existence of an improved PS4.5/ Neo console with better hardware, smaller size and some exclusive titles with improved graphics.

Microsoft has already announced the Xbox One S console and the hardware is kind of sold out with all major retailers. Online reviewers are extremely happy with what the machine has to offer in a sleek box. It gets rid of the chunky power box, weighs less and comes with a tweaked controller which is better than the previous iteration.

Above all, the team has drastically pushed the storage limit of the Xbox One S console with a 2 TB hard drive. Any ardent gamer will easily have 20 or more titles installed at once in their console. Using two terabytes of space is no big deal when you have multiple AAA titles installed and ready to play whenever you wish. Sony has to compete with Microsoft now and ensure that the PS4.5 is a worthy upgrade.


Sony has already confirmed that they are going to offer better hardware – graphics card and processor to allow 1080p gaming with 60 frames per second on the PS4.5/ Neo console. Just because it can do more doesn’t mean developers will ignore the Playstation 4. All games will be launched on both consoles and we expect them to be priced at the same level, the usual $60.

If you own a PS4, you have nothing to worry about. It’s not because Sony assured us but because we know that games will continue to get launched on both platforms. Graphical fidelity will be low on the older console. You may not be able to play all game titles in full HD resolution with higher frame rates.

Developers will have to work double the time to deliver the games on both consoles. From a gamer perspective, they grab it and start playing as they always do. Sony has also added that they don’t have any plans to keep AAA titles exclusive to the PS4.5 console. Everything new game will be coming to both PS4 and PS4.5 consoles.

It is better to wait for the PS5 console which might be out by the end of 2017. Sony is expected to make an announcement at E3 2017 and bring it to stores next fall. Instead of going for the PS4.5 which is a mild upgrade, a next generation console would truly justify your gaming experience.

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