Xiaomi and Google to Partner for a New Android O Phone

Android O

The new Android One project by Google is geared to bring Android Smartphones that use a pure Android Operating System.

They have guaranteed that this OS will have timely and speedy updates. Looking at the development of this smartphone environment, Google started the design, development, marketing of the OS, and also provided direct software and hardware support. Then Google reached out to international handheld device manufacturers to help out in the development and manufacture of phones that will use the new Android One OS.

It is very well known that Google wants the Android OS to be more embedded in the world, by looking for cheap phones that could be upgraded to the Android One OS.

The need for partnering to create a cheap android phone

Google already have the Pixel, formerly Nexus, which could have been used for the development of the new operating system environment. However, the Pixel is very expensive and out of the reach of most buyers. The purpose of Android One is to come up with phones that are affordable and can be marketed to emerging markets. The initial goal of this development has changed somewhat as new phones from Japan and Spain start targeting Android One as their operating system. The purpose of the project still remains fresh in the minds of developers at Google and they want to strive to keep the devices affordable.

Android O

Probable Android One smartphones for emerging markets

When you look at the advent of Android One phones, you see names such as Digelonator, from Indonesia, which appeared in two generations. At the time of this emergence, Nexian Journey One, Evercoss One X and Mito Impact were the main devices used by low-income earners. There is a push for these devices to have an affordable Android environment giving users the ability to operate apps that run on Android.

Later on, phones such as Infinix were also invited to create mobile phones that use this OS and this led to the birth of the Infinix Hot 2. The main focus now changed to bringing the Android One environment to the global market and still try to keep the costs low.

The Google-Xiaomi partnership

Google is reported to have appointed Xiaomi as a partner in an effort to meet this need of getting to the global market and keeping prices low. So what will you expect to get from a Xiaomi Android One phone in the future?

It is reported that Xiaomi will use the Xiaomi Mi 5X as the base for the new phone. They are rumored to be looking at dropping the Mi 5X extension and calling the new device Xiaomi A1. There will be no significant changes in the design of the phone such as the 5.5 inch Full HD screen, dual SIM slots and dual rear cameras. Currently, as users ponder the possibilities afforded by this new partnership, they are yet to know when the phone is to be launched as both Xiaomi and Google are keeping this information close to their chests.

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