Xiaomi Mi 5X With Dual Camera Setup Leaks in Press Releases

Xiaomi Mi 5X 9th generation

The Xiaomi Mi 5X is one of the most expected smartphones because it comes from a reputed smartphone manufacturer and has an impressive specification.

The company has marked July 26 as their big date for a double launch.

The brand new Mi 5X was supposed to be launched here but the phone and its specifications have leaked much earlier along with a couple of official photos. The manufacturer is going with the 9th generation version of MIUI skin which will be on top of the traditional Android operating system. Under the metal shell, the phone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset. It is neither entry level or flagship striking a fine balance between performance and pricing so that your phone never feels sluggish.

Xiaomi Mi 5X dual camera

A nice looking 5.5-inch display forms the front of the phone which has a 1080p display which is kind of standard these days. The processor is dutifully supported by 4 GB of RAM and obviously the camera is going to be the biggest selling point for this model. Three different color options are being provided including a rose gold (does it sound like the iPhone? It obviously is!) along with a gold and black colored variants.

The phone has a beautifully crafted dual camera setup in the rear but further information with regards to the camera is unknown. Recently, most smartphone manufacturers have skipped increasing the pixels in their phone which doesn’t bring any significant changes to photo quality. Instead, they are focusing on improving quality in low light conditions and providing DSLR quality layered effect to all photos you take, irrespective of background lighting.

Apart from the dual camera which adorns the back of the Xiaomi Mi 5X smartphone, it also sports a fingerprint scanner in the back. The front end doesn’t get rid of the capacitive buttons as many other smartphones have done. The Xiaomi signature navigation buttons are retained including the home, menu and the back buttons.

Xiaomi Mi 5X

The all-metal design which is found in even the cheapest Xiaomi phone in the market is being carried forward with the Mi 5X smartphone. Many of the features and the components used in the upcoming phone has kind of become minimum requirements for customers. People expect phones to have a large display which should be at least full HD while 2K resolutions are being rapidly adopted in flagships. The pricing will be revealed when the Xiaomi Mi 5X gets launched.

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