Nintendo Switch App Goes Live on iOS and Android

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Nintendo Switch Online app has gone live on the two major mobile operating systems, the iOS and the Android.

The company announced it a long time and has officially rolled it out much to the delight of players.

Compared to what Microsoft and Sony offers, Nintendo is pretty much decades old and doesn’t update themselves to suit the needs of a modern day gamer. There are hardly any amazing multiplayer games that work over the internet on the Wii U or the Switch console. The same goes for third party titles as they largely thrive on first party games. All they love to do is aggressively protect their IPs such as Mario, Kong and Zelda.

Nintendo switch splatoon 2 salmon run

But, the developers are just trying to find a place among gamers of today who would want to do anything and everything with the help of smartphones. The Nintendo Switch online app is the first step towards it. However, it is quite empty at the time and you still have to wait for Splatoon 2 to be rolled out on the platform. It shouldn’t be long because Nintendo has confirmed that they will bring it to the app by this Friday which is just two days to go.

With the help of the app, players who love Splatoon 2 will be able to setup private lobbies. Their friends can easily find and join these lobbies while others won’t be able to see or access it. They can also make use of the voice chat feature making use of the exclusive Splatoon hub designed to support voice chat.

Nintendo switch splatoon 2

At the moment, the app could actually crash anytime and if you are someone who couldn’t stand up with such issues, it’s best you don’t download it right away. The company confirmed that they are still working on making the servers better and need time before they are more stable, reliable. If you haven’t learned any lesson from the Pokemon Go lesson, you are free to try the servers now and get frustrated until you can’t take it anymore.

All gamers who have a Nintendo account connected to their Switch console can login to the app and it will work seamlessly. If you haven’t connected it to your Switch, it won’t work and may pose technical issues. Online features are so common for PS4, Xbox One and PC gamers but for Nintendo Switch owners it is a nifty new feature that fans get to experience for the first time.

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