Xiaomi Mi Box is an Android TV Box with 4K and HDR, but Costs Just $69

Xiaomi Mi Box

Chinese OEM Xiaomi has finally made it to the United States of America and its first product is the Android TV-powered Xiaomi Mi Box.

Launched at a price of just $69, the new Xiaomi Mi Box comes with full support for 4K and HDR, which should be the device’s main selling points. In addition to this, the Mi Box also comes integrated with Google Cast and Google Voice Search.

Like many other Xiaomi devices, it seems the U.S. market is set to experience a major shakeup. The Mi Box is a less expensive alternative to the likes of NVIDIA SHIELD and it gets even better for those who are looking to make a shift from the minimal Chromecast experience. With the device, you also get other accessories such as a remote that are fully compatible with Google’s Voice Search feature or a full gaming controller.

As far as the specs are concerned, the Xiaomi Mi Box comes with a quad-core processor that is clocked at a speed of 2.0 GHz. There is a Mali 450 graphics processing unit on board alongside a decent RAM of 2GB and some 8GB of onboard storage. The Mi Box comes preinstalled with Google’s Android TV version 6.0 and even though the device is expected to receive an update to Android TV 7.0, the date is not yet known.

Xiaomi Mi Box

When it comes to connectivity options, the Xiaomi Mi Box has a USB, HDMI and SPDIF out port alongside the usual wireless connections, which includes Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Xiaomi’s launch in the U.S. market should spark an interesting debate, especially when it comes to the smartphone niche. The company has long been associated with Apple, with those in the home country terming it as “the Apple of China.” At the moment, the product line is still limited, but we expect more devices to appear in the official Mi.com Store with respect to the U.S. market. Keep following and we’ll let you know what Xiaomi will be bringing to the U.S.

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