Facebook Messenger Lite is What You Need on Your Old Android Phone

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the second most-used messaging application on earth, trailing another Facebook-owned app in the shape of WhatsApp with over 100 million users.

This app, however, is very popular in the west but no so many people use it in Asia and other regions of the world. One major reason behind this is that the app is demanding when it comes to resources. While you may still enjoy messaging services with the app even when on slightly slower networks, getting the full Facebook Messenger experience, including the use of chatbots, requires very stable internet. This is not the kind of internet you will find in developing markets, instead, these regions have slower internet connections that mean you don’t get to enjoy the best of Messenger.

In order to take care of this, Facebook Messenger Lite has bene launched. This app is, as the name suggests, a lighter version of the Messenger app. It takes up a small amount of storage when compared to the original, furthermore, the app has been designed with those with slower Android devices and internet connections in mind.

Many of you must be already familiar with Facebook Lite, a lighter version of the main Facebook app. Now the newly launched Facebook Messenger Lite is the companion of this app and as for now, it is only available on Android devices.

Facebook Messenger

With Messenger Lite, those with slower and older Android devices will be able to use some of the features and services offered on the full Messenger app. These include sharing of texts and photos as well as stickers and emojis, among others. As for now, there is no voice calling or video calling like with the case of the main app, however, it is possible that the former could make its way to the app at some point in the future.

So, if your device is still running on the likes of Android Gingerbread and such, you should be able to enjoy a Facebook Messenger Lite from now henceforth. The app, which can be downloaded via the official Google Play Store, is now available in Kenya, Tunisia, Venezuela, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, but other countries will be coming on board in the near future.

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