[Updated:] Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 (Tulip) and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (Perseus) Get Official TWRP Support

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

After Xiaomi Mi 2S, Poco F1 and Mi 8, now its the turn of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Redmi Note 6 to receive the TWRP update from TeamWin.

Some of the models in the Mi series have already received the update, the last ones being Mi 8 (Dipper) and Mi Mix 2S (Polaris). The next in line to get the updates are the Mi Mix 3, the device with codename Perseus and Xiaomi Redmi Note 6, the device with codename Tulip.

Users of these phones can now make sure the TWRP update is installed the right way and start using the device to perform certain additional functions hitherto not enabled. These include the facility to custom install ROM and to do development work even.

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Pay Attention to the Guidelines Before Downloading

TeamWin recognizes the challenges each device poses while sideloading the update and these are unique to each device or model. Coming in the way of a direct download of the TWRP update are the bootloaders and they are present on the Mi Mix 3 and Redmi Note 6 smartphones as well. This means there are certain additional steps required to be performed before you can have the benefit of the TWRP update. This basically involves unlocking the phone. But it comes with the risk of losing all your personal data stored on your mobile. You will need to visit the appropriate site to unlock the phone. Without any doubt, you must take a backup of all data, so that after you can start using them once the phone is back in action.

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Once you have understood the unlocking procedure, you should go ahead with the downloading of the TWRP update for your Mi Mix 3 (or) Redmi Note 6. Though on the face of it, the procedure is simple, like you do with any app or program, follow the steps as outlined and you should be good to go. The same can be done via the Play Store as well. TeamWin always suggests that if you are thorough with all the technical aspects of it all, then you have nothing to worry. If you are an amateur on the other hand, then you might end up damaging your smartphone and you are advised to stay away from the TWRP update. That is one of the reasons complete guidance is provided on their site by TeamWin and the phone manufacturers as well. Since Xiaomi has loaded the Mi Mix 3 and Redmi Note 6 with its in-house MIUI OS, you can get support from there as well.

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