Xiaomi Mi MIX to Start Selling Outside China Soon, Company Confirms

Xiaomi Mix Evo

When Xiaomi took to the CES 2017 to unveil the white Mi MIX, it was obvious that the company was up to something with this phone. Well, the day is here and apparently, the Chinese OEM has just announced that the near bezel-less Xiaomi Mi MIX will soon start selling outside China.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX was unveiled last year and made available for purchase only in China, but of course, you can get it shipped to your home via a number of online platforms, but make sure you confirm with your local carrier to avoid ending up with a device that probably doesn’t support LTE connectivity in your region.

Better still, you can just wait for the Xiaomi Mi MIX to be available locally in March, but unfortunately, there is no specific date as to when this wait will end. It has already begun with the UAE, where locals can now get their hands on the phablet. When reached for comment about whether the MI MIX will be making it to other markets that the UEA, Xiaomi was quick to confirm that this will indeed be happening.

Like the specific dates, Xiaomi has kept mum on the markets that will soon be selling the Mi MIX, but the Middle East and North African region (MENA) is included. To make matters worse, Xiaomi will not be attending the MWC 2017, meaning that chances of getting our hands on more information about this new development are even slimmer.

Xiaomi Mi MIX

March is just a few days away and if you live in the UAE, the Xiaomi Mi MIX will be sold via Etisalat and Carrefour e-commerce and retail outlets in partnership with TASK FZCO. As for the prices, the Mi MIX will be valued at AED 2,999, which is approximately $816.50. If you will be shelling out this huge amount of money, better be careful with the device for it is extremely slippery, but still bold and very beautiful.

Xiaomi will also sell the low-end Redmi Note 4A as well as the standard Redmi Note 4 in these regions alongside the Mi MIX. Where the entry-level 4A will be sold at AED 389, its counterpart will be valued at a slightly higher price of AED 659.

Source: Android Authority

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