Xiaomi Partners with Intel to Launch Smart Shoes for Fitness Lovers, Costs Just $43

Xiaomi Smart Shoes

The industry’s attention is moving from smartphones to other gadgets.

Xiaomi has launched new smart shoes in association with Intel and they have an actual processor in their sole to keep track of your movement.

After creating plenty of fitness bands and smartwatches that witnessed little adoption, the brands are moving towards other accessories like clothes and shoes. Xiaomi is very busy innovating because of the humongous sales their smartphones had. They have already launched their own system on chip for their phones and are now working with Intel to launch these 90 Minutes Ultra Smart running shoes.

Xiaomi Smart Shoes

Pioneered by MIJIA, the company’s crowd funding platform the shoes are powered by Intel Curie module processor. They are manufactured by RunMi Technology limited in Shanghai and is designed from the ground up for ardent fitness lovers. The shoes are cushioned in multiple layers made to give maximum comfort for runners and provide long lasting durability.

The shoes have heel piece air cushion for breathability, scattering heel piece to avoid landing impact with antibacterial removable sole. The Intel Curie processor used in the Xiaomi smart shoe is a 32-bit Intel Quark SoC that has 384kb of flash memory combined with 80kb of SRAM. The processor derives its power from a coin sized battery that should last up to 60 days before it needs a replacement. The time seems pretty decent for an average individual’s workout and running time.

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Equipped with Bluetooth LE, 6-axis combo sensor, the shoes are pretty smart as they can easily detect whether the user is running or walking. The data as like many other fitness bands will be sent to the app so that you can download and use them to design your fitness routine. The shoe will be available in different colors including black, pink, surf blue. Out of the three, the surf blue variant is their primary design which is also lined with luminous layer so that it is safer to run at night.

Xiaomi Intel smart shoes

The person wearing it can easily be identified from a distance so that vehicles won’t hinder them. The Xiaomi Intel smart shoes are priced at 299 Yuan which is approximately $43. Shipping will commence on April 15th this year and they are already available for pre-order on the official website. With such a cheap price tag, it might attract a lot of buyers who would want to give it a shot instead of those fitness bands.

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