Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra to Step Down in February – But Why?

Hugo Barra steps down from Xiaomi

Hugo Barra is not a new name in the ears or eyes of many mobile tech enthusiasts out there. After five years working with Google as the VP of Product Management for Android, the Brazilian computer guru was recruited by China’s Xiaomi back in 2013.

Upon moving to China, Barra agreed to be the second in command as far as the company’s International operations are concerned. However, this meant that he had to live his sweet spot in Silicon Valley and move to Beijing, thus leaving behind his friends, family, and life in general. Well, according to Hugo Barra, the time to go back home has come.

In a statement made by the Xiaomi VP of International, he said that he will be stepping down from his job at the Chinese OEM, putting to an end a three and half year association with the company – a period that has seen Xiaomi grow its fortunes in the international space at an alarming rate. In a lengthy post on his Facebook page, the tech mogul revealed that his commitment to the company has taken a huge toll on not just his personal life, but also his personal health.

Hugo Barra steps down from Xiaomi

Since taking over his role in 2013, Hugo Barra has overseen Xiaomi spread its wings from China and into 20 more markets across the globe. While the company was expected to make its debut in the U.S. at the recently-ended CES 2017, it did not. However, the fact that Hugo Barra is leaving shouldn’t mean this dream won’t be realized in future.

Although Hugo Barra has confirmed that he will be leaving his post at Xiaomi, he will still be around for a few more days or weeks for that matter. He said that he will finally step down this February after China celebrates its New Year. Later on, he will move back to Silicon Valley – a place he says his friends, family, and life, in general, are based.

Despite the move, Xiaomi co-founder Bin Lin says that Hugo Barra will still be involved with the company but in an advisory capacity. Xiang Wang, who is currently serving as a Senior VP with the company, will take over Barra’s job.

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