YouTube for Android and iOS Apps Updated with Live Streaming Support


The rate at which video media is being consumed is alarming, with the likes of Facebook and YouTube topping the charts as far as video traffic is concerned.

Google-owned YouTube, however, has always had the upper hands when it comes to video consumption. While it remains hard to know the algorithms Facebook uses to record the number of views per video, YouTube videos are with no doubt watched by millions of people from all over the world.

To make things even sweeter for YouTubers, Google has now come in with a new feature for both Android and iOS users. From now henceforth, the YouTube app will let users enjoy live streaming services. This announcement comes just days after Twitter took a similar move by deeply integrating its own live streaming service – Periscope – into its mobile app. The story is the same for Facebook, which has been pushing hard in the live streaming realm.

Apparently, Google will not stray away from its simplistic offerings. According to the YouTube team, the new streaming capability will be easy to use. In fact, there won’t be any need for any other accounts or apps in order to live stream content to your mobile phone. All one has to do is press the big red button and then proceed by taking or rather selecting a thumbnail snap for the broadcasting to begin.

If you have seen or used Periscope before, you will see a huge similarity in the interfaces of these two apps when live streaming. There are chat bubbles at the top of the live video feed appearing in the lower left corner of the window. You can also see the number of viewers as well as other metrics displayed at the upper left-hand corner. On the opposite side of these metrics is a “Finish” button.


The fact that live streaming is coming to YouTube doesn’t change a thing about how users interact with their video content on the platform. Just like the rest, it will be possible to search for these live streams, find them in playlists and recommendations and so on. According to Google, its live streaming service will be a lot faster and more reliable than any of the current offerings out there.

If you haven’t received support for live streaming on your YouTube app for Android or iOS, there is nothing to panic about. The update is rolling out slowly and it will be on your device sooner than later. Meanwhile, you can download and install the YouTube app on your Android device right here. As for iOS users, the latest version can be downloaded here.

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