YouTube to Be Revamped With a New Bottom Navigation Bar for Its Android Users


YouTube is going to receive slight updates which will be providing the users with a refreshed interface.

These minor UI changes will notably be in the form of meager repositioning of navigation with the app, with a few tweaks to the navigation bar. These updates are all server side based changes. So the users will not find an update for it at the Google Play Store but instead, they will simply have to wait for the new changes to show up by themselves. This also means that there is no specific time frame for these updates to show up everywhere as Google has not yet made any official announcement about these changes.


What to Expect From the New Changes for YouTube

The new update relocates the navigation bar from the top of the page to the bottom of the screen. The color bar has been changed from red to white color. There are no other changes with regard to the order of options.

So now when the YouTube app is opened on the Android mobile device, the user can tell if the new UI has been updated or not by noticing the navigation bar and color. If all the buttons that are used for switching between the Account, Home, Shared, Trending and Subscription tabs are still positioned in the same header bar, then the UI updates have probably not been taken into effect yet. The bar will have the selected icons which will be now in red color, as compared to the past when they were in white color.

Another new change that comes along with these updates is the presence of a small header. By pushing the navigation bar to the bottom of the YouTube app’s UI, Google has freed up some space on the top of the page. This has resulted in a comparatively smaller header.

Other than the header bar on the top that has become smaller and the navigation bar that has been relocated with the colors swapped to white from the existing red, which itself accounts for the color difference in the bar, there seem no other major changes to look out for here. So these are just minor tweaks in the UI when compared to other UI changes that have been implemented recently.


The other new updates that have been offered by YouTube for some users in the recent past are the presence of a new comments section and a new video description UI. These updates have been applied to the Android version of the app and still have not been available to most users. Probably, YouTube plans of putting all these new visual changes together and release it to the public with a single launch of an updated version. Earlier in July this year, YouTube changed the way the comments looked on Android app. A new UI was rolled out which showed options for replies, likes, dislikes, and it even let the users sort them out.

Though the new updates are not major changes, they would probably improve the functionality, although it makes the Android version of the app resemble that of its iOS version.

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