Youtube Will No Longer Work on Amazon Fire TV

Google and Amazon were never on good terms which is a known fact among users.

However, when they become arch rivals,it is the consumers who has to bear the wrath. After all, when the Youtube app goes missing on any streaming device, it is going to affect the overall experience.

The company previously announced that they will disable the Youtube app on Amazon Fire TV from January 1st onwards. However, it has been done days earlier before the New Year would begin. In the recent past, the companies tried to negotiate and come to a term so that their services would work on both devices, the Chromecast and the Amazon Fire Stick among other devices sold by Amazon.

Youtube Will No Longer Work on Amazon Fire TV

However, talks didn’t go through as planned and it led to the app being disabled. Amazon Prime Video, one of the most popular video streaming services with millions of users wouldn’t allow you to stream from an Android smartphone to a Chromecast. Meanwhile, other apps like Netflix and Hulu would work seamlessly. In their rivalry, the companies are missing out on their user base and annoying them to a new level that it may alienate them and eventually most people will stop using their services because it doesn’t offer any convenience.

Google in their report confirmed that Amazon didn’t allowed their apps to support Chromecast which has been reportedly changed since then. In response to this decision, Google announced that they will disable the Youtube app on the Amazon Fire TV and the Echo TV. Their initial announcement claimed that the services will go down on January 1st which is still a couple of days to go.

Youtube Will No Longer Work on Amazon

Without providing any proper explanation and kind of ruining the New Year spirit for Echo or Fire TV owners, Youtube will no longer work and if you have been relying on the device to cast all those amazing videos on a large screen television you may not be able to do so. The only alternative is to own a media friendly box like the Roku TV, Xbox One or two different devices, one Chromecast and one Amazon Fire TV in order to watch them all.

When you try to open the app on the Fire TV, it provides detailed instructions on how to watch the video streaming website on Amazon’s own Silk browse or the Mozilla Firefox. You will still be able to browse but it’s not as intuitive as a dedicated app.

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