ZTE wants to “Boost Smartphone Performance” by adding more Bloatware

ZTE and APUS Booster+

ZTE is a well-known Chinese OEM that has its roots spread all over the world. The company’s latest phones are the Axon 7 and Blade V8 series.

While these two come in with some of the best performance specs in their respective classes, ZTE wants their fans to have more. According to a statement made by the company, it will from now henceforth pre-install all of its smartphones with the APUS Booster+ application so as to boost the phones’ performance, similar to what the Play Store version already does.

In case you didn’t know, APUS Booster+ is an application that claims to improve the performance of your device by up to 50% and according to ZTE, this app will come preinstalled on its smartphones for the next three years. The current  APUS Booster+ app is available as a free download and when installed, you only need one tap to free up memory on your phone. The app will scan your phone’s storage and clean out all the unnecessary (junk) files, but of course, you must give it the consent to do so. Once these files are removed, your phone’s performance and battery life are improved, the developer notes.

The ZTE Blade V8 Pro that was recently announced at the CES 2017 event will be the first phone to come with APUS Booster+ app preinstalled out of the box. As noted earlier, this app is available in the Play Store, but it has also been built as part of the main APUS User System launcher. Whether this launcher will also be introduced in future ZTE phones or not is still anyone’s guess. As for now, ZTE smartphones come with the MiFavor UI on top of Android OS.

ZTE and APUS Booster+

ZTE, like many other Android OEMs, is often accused of heavily customizing its version of Android and pre-installing unnecessary apps, something that is usually seen as bloatware and further affects the performance of phones. Now that the company is adding more of this bloatware to its phones, it remains to be seen whether there will be any reasonable change in performance as claimed. But given that the standalone app has recorded between 10M and 50M downloads in the Google Play Store, it seems ZTE fans are in for some real performance improvements.

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