Google Reinvents the Whiteboard with Jamboard – Enhanced Collaboration Hub with the Next Big Display

Google Jamboard

Google’s Jamboard allows employees to work together using a display, along with connecting to the workspace through the Internet.

Next Big Digital Whiteboard

Jamboard is big and red and is the next big board of workplaces. It is a huge touch display combined with cloud service, helping businesses to brainstorm in collaboration.

Jamboard can be compared to the whiteboard, but it is digital, allowing the user to sketch ideas, attach a digital sticky note, draw in content through the Internet and so on. All this is done in one workspace that is being constantly updated. Businesses can use Jamboard for collaborating using the 55 inches mega display. They can also make use of the combined tab and phone applications, for both the iOS and Android.

Google Jamboard

A Private Beta

Jamboard is now available as private beta of customers in the G Suite service and starts on Tuesday, the 25th October. It will probably be available for the general public in the early part of 2017. Jamboard offers an interesting option for companies that already use G Suite. It might cost thousands of dollars for such companies to bring this digital whiteboard in the workplace. The hardware design is neat and the functionality is a major improvement on analog brainstorming methods.

Expensive Commitment

However, Google’s Jamboard is an expensive commitment for companies, thought the company has not yet revealed the final price of this appliance. However, the hardware could cost around $6000 when released. If a company wants to roll out several Jamboards for its employees, it will possibly come to thousands of dollars.

Robust Package

Though the price sounds rather hefty, Google is offering a robust hardware. The Jamboard comes with 4K display and has two styluses with high precision, which can be used for writing as well as sketching purposes. There is also one digital eraser that can also be used for cleaning the board. Users can also make use of the fingers for sketching and writing and use multi touch gestures for manipulation of items.

Technological Support

Jamboard offers support for converting handwriting that is drawn on the board into text. It can also convert the drawn shape into a digital shape. All the Jams will be backed up to a single user account in Google Drive. This is beneficial, as the work gets backed to the cloud even if the appliance does not have power.

Jamboard Technological Support

Support for Hangouts

Jamboard also offers support for the Hangouts experience, with the help of the built in camera, speaker and microphone. Users will be able to interact with calls having a maximum of fifty participants and also use the whiteboard simultaneously. It thus offers a dynamic collaboration hub. Users can interact with the whole canvas and use apps on their tablet, with these apps being created for Android as well as the iOS by Google. Even those not having control over the mega display can contribute to the discussion, regardless of whether they are present in the discussion room or working from home or remotely.

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