2018 Audi A7 Undergoes Subtle Redesign As Confirmed By Spy Shots

2016 Audi A6 and A7

The 2018 Audi A7 was spotted on the road and spy pictures didn’t miss the opportunity to take some shots.

Audi is refreshing the series with a 2018 edition. They are not going to go with any drastic changes because the A7 has a strong user base and the last edition was a great success. Instead of experimenting with the model, the automaker is going for a subtle redesign. The changes were confirmed through the spy photos. It is a good move as Audi could easily retain the existing customers without a fuss. The minor changes make the already good car even better.

The front fascia sports a brand new grille and from earlier reports, it is known that the 2018 Audi A7 will feature new headlights. The grille is in made in such a way that it syncs with the A5 and the TT models. A pair of new headlights will adorn the rear end but the roofline continues to be the same as the outgoing version. The interiors of the car will also be modified so that it is in line with all latest Audi cars. Virtual cockpit system will make the dashboard readily accessible with more features and better connectivity.

2016 Audi A6 and A7

Both petrol and diesel engine variants will be available as powertrain options. Audi hasn’t made any comments on the ones they will offer. It is assumed that a V6 engine and probably a V8 variant will also be offered on launch. Surprisingly, the prototype version spotted in the spy picture doesn’t have any exhaust pipes. We are not sure how they could go for a conventional model without them. A possible alternative is that it could be a plug-in hybrid or even an electric version of the A7.

2018 is the year when almost every last manufacturer is going to go all-electric. Right from the well-known Tesla to Nissan, Honda and Porsche, everyone is eyeing the same year to roll out their first electric models. The 2018 Audi A7 might follow the route to enter the next generation technology.

It has been confirmed that the new A7 is being constructed on the MLB Evo platform. The platform is already used for the Audi Q7 SUV. The new platform sheds some weight offering better dynamics and is equally large giving better legroom for the passengers.

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