2018 BMW Z4 is Being Rigorously Tested in Snow Before Official Launch


The 2018 BMW Z4 was already spotted in the snow with a heavy camouflage and the testing continues with more new spy shots, video of the car.

BMW is prepping to launch the vehicle later this year before which they are putting the car under rigorous climatic conditions to confirm its durability. Providing strong performance even when covered in snow is what the Z4 aims to achieve. Currently, the car is being tested in Sweden in snow storm. The model is a direct competitor to the likes of Porsche 718 Boxter.

2018 BMW Z4 Test

A detailed video is now available online which shows that the hard top found in the car earlier is now removed. Instead, the 2018 BMW Z4 now sports an easy to remove fabric top. A slew of new components have gone into designing the car inspired by the BMW 3 series models. It includes rear axle, five link rear suspension setup which are being used in the M3 and the M4 models.

The Z4 is as stylish as any other car from the automobile brand but making out its design in the densely covered snow area is quite difficult. The overall shape of the has a lengthy look but it isn’t too long compared to previous models. The designers have gone with a long hood and short rear deck which provides a lengthy look to the car. Besides, it is also mounted on a brand new platform designed to be future proof.

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With almost every other brand going with hybrid vehicles and planning to integrate autonomous capabilities, the 2018 BMW Z4 is no different and will follow the same path. The new platform will allow engineers to add a petrol, electric hybrid powertrain in the compact car besides adding a four wheel drive system to it. Based on sources, it is expected to weigh around 1400 kilograms powered by a 2.0-liter four cylinder engine under the hood. The powertrain will be much bigger and more powerful on the top of the line Z4 models.


A range of engines are being offered by BMW for the 2018 Z4 including a 2.0-liter four-cylinder B48 that produces about 248 horsepower whereas the 3.0-liter turbocharged B58 will deliver a much higher performance. Both powertrains will be mated to a rear wheel drive setup and an eight speed ZF automatic gearbox system with the option to upgrade to an all-wheel drive if the buyer prefers.

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