PS4 4.50 Update Causes Wi-Fi Issues for Some Players, Patch Update Expected Soon

PS4 4.50 Wifi Issues

The 4.50 update for Sony’s PS4 console is a huge one which was supposed to make gameplay better, add a lot of nice features but it also brought along an annoying Wifi bug.

A considerable number of players have took to the company’s official website, forums and other discussions boards. According to their statement, the Playstation 4 console’s Wifi doesn’t connect and and when you can’t go online it’s next to impossible to be able to play any of the games. Sony launched the 4.50 update for the console which players eagerly anticipated and immediately downloaded it on their respective consoles. However, once the update is done they found that it doesn’t connect to their home Wifi network.

PS4 4.50 Update

Over 250 posts are available on the forums and the error being frequently mentioned is the NW-31297-2 error code that is causing the error. Sony has a couple of basic troubleshooting tips posted online. They suggest that players should reconfigure the Wifi setup on the console, re-enter the username and the password. Those who were really impatient went on to buy a $30 Wifi extended so that they could connect the PS4 console to an ethernet port to keep gaming.

While some who have the router somewhat closeby can purchase additional adapters and wires to connect to the internet, most people don’t have the option. They have their Playstation 4 setup in the living room or upstairs whereas the router could be somewhere else. A representative of the company confirmed that Sony has acknowledged the probably and is looking for possible solutions to release a patch at the earliest.

PS4 4.50 Wifi Issues

Major PS4 firmware updates often have caused issues in performance or had made the console unusable by disabling one or the other feature. This time, it’s the Wifi connectivity that got affected. Sony has been breaking things with firmware updates for a very long time and later fixing it with a patch file. History will repeat once again this time with the 4.50 update which should soon be altered to make wireless internet work again. A similar situation occurred with the PS4 Pro console which didn’t work with 4K television. It was supposed to allow 4K gaming but didn’t get connected as expected which was later fixed.

For the moment, all gamers can do it try to turn an ethernet cable all the way from their router to their PS4 console until a patch update is rolled out. It should be soon but there’s no idea when Sony would do it, maybe in a couple of days.

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