2018 Mercedes G-Class Spotted Testing Ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show Debut

Mercedes G-Class Frankfurt Motor Show

There are few SUVs that are as iconic as the Mercedes G-Class.

The vehicle has been spotted testing ahead of its unveiling at the Frankfurt motor show in the coming fall. It is quite clear that the 2018 Mercedes G-Class will undergo significant changes to the exterior, although it will not be done to bring about a difference in the iconic look. The Mercedes G-Class has not changed much since its introduction in 1979, and this look is likely to be retained for the upcoming generation. However, the modifications seem to have been done with a view of making the internals much more modern.

Mercedes G-Class Frankfurt Motor Show

Mercedes are rumored to widen the Mercedes G-Class by as much as 100 mm so is to free up space in the cabin. The front suspension will also use much more modern setup so as to offer more stability to the vehicle even in off-road situations. The German luxury car maker recently claimed that the new model will be completely different from the existing version. It will be internally codenamed as the same W463 as the current generation vehicle, but it will be much lighter thanks to the extensive use of aluminum.

It is rumored that Mercedes are planning to drop as much as 300 kg over the outgoing generation. This would represent almost an 10% saving in terms of weight, which will result in improved fuel economy and performance without any changes to the powertrain or gearbox. Losing weight is seen as one of the biggest ways manufacturers can comply with the ever increasing stringent pollution requirements. It is heavily rumored that the front suspension will either use a multi-link setup. There will also be a lot of driver assistance tech on the vehicle with LED lights and electro mechanical steering as standard.

2018 Mercedes G-Class

Since the width of the vehicle is going to increase by around 100 mm, it would mean a much more comfortable ride in the back for three passengers. In terms of interior design, the Mercedes G-Class is expected to be very similar to the C class. The latest 3.0 petrol and diesel motors from Mercedes with a straight six, and not a V6, line-up will be used at the front. Of course, there will also be an AMD powered variant which is expected to have a 4.4 L V8 model in the front. The 2018 Mercedes G-Class is expected to use the nine speed gearbox seen in a number of Mercedes models of late.

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