2018 Peugeot 308 Facelifted Edition Revealed in Leaked Images

Peugeot 308

New leaked photos have surfaced online and going by the design, it resembles the 2018 Peugeot 308 facelifted edition.

The revamped version of the car will compete against the Volkswagen Golf and the Ford Focus. The facelifted edition from Peugeot has been an anticipated model because of its revised design and the car caters to the everyday buyer with its affordable price tag. The family hatchback features an equalizer inspired grille leading to a strong nose. It changes the boxy look of the previous models and stands unique in its own respect.

2018 Peugeot 308

Another visible change found in the leaked images of the model suggests it features a brand new bumper design. The aggressive looks have always inspired car designers in almost every brand and the 2018 Peugeot 308 will follow the same tradition. It features a renewed bumper combined with larger air intakes and fog lamps. The shape of the headlights seems to have been altered but it is not confirmed as the leaked images look dark.

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A major share of the changes coming to the family hatchback is found in the front design. The automobile brand is yet to discuss about the specifications and there are no leaked images of the interiors. As it is not possible to know what’s inside, it is safe to assume that the exterior changes are mainly in the front area as the car looks a lot like the outgoing model in the rear with very minimal changes.

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The overall layout of the dashboard and the center console is expected to be the same as the original 308 available in stores now. The tried and tested design elements are something designers usually don’t try to change as they have already earned enough support from the buyers. It is better to leave them as it is rather than experimenting further with new designs that may or may not sync with their audience.

Peugeot 308

With multiple auto shows scheduled to take place later this year, the 2018 Peugeot 308 facelifted edition will be revealed in one of these expos. When the company officially launches the car, we will know more about the powertrain used in it and the technical specifications of the car. If priced right, the car could give a tough competition for other models in the family hatchback segment. So far, the design is promising and has the potential to be appealing to majority of the buyers. The launch will take place in the second half of 2017, if we are to believe several sources.