The Latest in Mobile Gaming Technology

Over the last decade, around 2.2 billion people used smartphones to play mobile games, and that figure is steadily rising. That’s largely due to the continual implementation of clever technological advancements. Here’s a look at the latest tech being used in the world of mobile gaming.

5G Technology is Enabling Smoother and Faster Gameplay

5G is already being rolled out around the world. Mobile devices using the new generation of 5G wireless technology enable online gamers to enjoy a quicker and smoother gaming experience. With 4G technology, games are limited by the internet’s latency. The latency in games using 4G is about 10 milliseconds. That might not sound like a lot. But when you are in the midst of playing your favorite online games, it can feel like an eternity. With 5G tech, internet latency is reduced to just one millisecond. The increased speed opens up plenty of new opportunities for gamers, and 5G technology also enables mobile games to be developed at a faster speed.

At the end of the day, 5G tech allows mobile game playing to be smoother than ever before. That means you can play table games at an online casino like Casumo or even play online mobile video games like Call of Duty alongside thousands of other players without noticing any lag in gameplay.

The Latest Smartphones for Mobile Gaming Are Better Than Ever

When 5G is combined with the latest and best smartphones, you get an unparalleled gaming experience. The new Nubia Red Magic 5G phone is undoubtedly at the top of the list. It features the world’s first 144Hz smartphone screen, which creates an incredibly smooth refresh rate ideal for playing mobile games. It also includes a fan, a liquid cooling system, a Game Space that enables you to customize your gaming experience, and even a feature called 4D Shock, which adds vibrations to some games.

Other notable new phones with the latest tech include the Asus ROG Phone 3, which includes an incredibly large and powerful 6,000mAh battery and a 144Hz screen, and the latest iPhone 12, which features a wealth of storage space for games as well as the Apple Arcade that contains a library of endless options.

Streaming Is Revolutionizing Mobile Gaming

The biggest mobile technology innovation currently being rolled out is the game streaming service. It looks set to change mobile gaming forevermore. 2020 laid the groundwork for mobile game streaming services. Google Stadia has allowed subscribers to stream games on Android devices since July 2020, while Amazon Luna and Nvidia GeForce Now were also launched last year. The premise of streaming games on mobiles is simple: rather than playing games locally, the games run on a far-away machine that streams footage to you in real-time.

One of the newest innovations in mobile streaming is the Microsoft xCloud. You can play games like Sea of Thieves and Halo 5 with an Xbox One controller clipped on to your phone with the utmost of ease. Microsoft is slowly rolling out the number of games that are playable with xCloud, and more will be released when EA Play is fully integrated in 2021.

The Future Is AI

Artificial intelligence is gradually transforming the gaming market, and as the processing power of mobile devices increases, more AI-driven immersive games can be played on smartphones and tablets.

Mobile game developers are continually implementing new AI algorithms to make games smarter. Simply compare modern mobile games to those of three years ago, and you’ll notice just how sophisticated games have become with the help of AI. The next generation of in-game AI software is introducing personalization and self-learning features to mobile game characters so that the characters can learn and grow like a real human being.

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