iPhone 12 MagSafe Makes Wireless Charging Reliable and Seamless

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Apple took to stage and announced a whole lot of iPhones including the most popular iPhone 12.

The best of everything bundled into a single package and not so expensive even though it is $100 more than the iPhone 11 launched last year. But, for the increased price the company provides some great upgrades including support for 5G connectivity, MagSafe support and an OLED display even in the entry-level model.

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The social media pages are abuzz with criticism of all sorts but for Apple fans and anyone looking to properly upgrade their device, the $799 or $699 seems a perfect choice. You will safeguard your iPhone against all future OS upgrades including the new connectivity that is slowly creeping up across the globe. The OLED display once again makes all the phones including the mini version an amazing way to enjoy movies, YouTube videos among everything else. It is the inclusion of magnets in the iPhone 12 that made MagSafe popular again even though this is nothing new for MacBook users of the past.

Apple chooses to remove MagSafe from MacBooks when they moved to USB Type C and this time they are also removing chargers, headphones from the box. Instead, if you can purchase them you will get much more power like never before as they go all the way up to 15 watts. The fastest charging according to iPhone chargers and it also allows you to use them with Qi chargers with much more precision.

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Slower but Precise, Seamless Charging

The huge issue people often face with wireless charging is that you just can’t wait and place your phone properly on a charging pad. It is often done wrongly that the device ends up not getting charged at all when you most need it. The inclusion of an array of magnets on the inside of the iPhone 12 allows it to quickly click on to their own charger and go up to 15 watts but with all other Qi chargers, it can continue doing the same at 7.5 watts which is what all older iPhones used to achieve so far.

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The inclusion of MagSafe accessories has opened up a lot of possibilities for buyers and obviously Apple to make more money out of it. But, if you really value convenience and would love to enjoy some style, there is no better way to go. Leather, silicone and clear cases will all support wireless charging made possible by this new small, charging point to be sold in stores soon. Apple MagSafe Duo Charger is yet another accessory but we don’t have a word on pricing for many of the products at this point.

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