3 Kickass Features Coming To FIFA 17 To Add More Realism


Electronic Arts is going to stop at nothing and the company is going to come up with one more football game, FIFA 17 this year.

As with every other iteration, there are minor changes made to the title. The graphics looks almost the same as FIFA 16. However, a new video details some of the best features the developers have incorporated into it. If you are a huge fan of Pro Evolution Soccer aka PES, you might find that FIFA still lags behind in terms of realism.

It’s the whole point! Electronic Arts want to make sure they don’t make their franchise into a simulator which might alienate a lot of players out of the game. Instead, they are introducing minor features that doesn’t require skill or precision to use. You can tap the button and execute an easy goal shot without stressing much. Now, there are more ways to tackle the ball like never before.

fifa 17 gameplay

Pushback Tech

With the new Pushabck tech, players will be able to keep their opponents behind them. You can’t lose the ball easily unless you are too careless in FIFA 17. Use the controller to position your player in front of another opponent and receive the ball. The virtual characters now make use of their entire body to push back an opponent.

360 degree Shots

The feature is not completely new but a huge tweak has been made to the 360 degree shots in FIFA 17. You can control and move the ball to any part of the field. A circular mark can be used to identify the direction before kicking.

First Touch Shielding

Another brand new features in FIFA 17 where the next player receives the ball perfectly if it is aligned in the right direction. Just make sure you kick it at the right pace. The shielding technique comes in handy when passing ball close to the goal and kick a shot at the best moment.

Electric Arts will share more such updates before the official launch. PES 17 will also arrive this year at the same time to compete with FIFA 17. Both games have their own list of pros and cons. However, FIFA continues to be the most preferred game of choice because of its simple movements and easy learning curve. PES is unforgiving and is more of a simulator designed for hardcore football gamers. So, which one is your choice this year? Tell us.

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