Battlefield 1 Real Life Mode Removes HUD, Brings You Close to WWI

Battlefield 1 Real Life Mode

The real young generation of today may never be able to experience the horrors of World War I or any other war for that matter.

Times have changed but Battlefield 1 real life mode designed by an enthusiastic user tries to put you right into the middle of the battle.

The official Battlefield 1 page moderators on Facebook posted it. And, it probably might have reached those in the development team at DICE as well. Playing the game with no heads up display is a unique experience. Everything including the map, number of bullets left, objectives shown on screen and hit direction has been removed in this video.

There is no marker or red hurt icon to show from which direction you are being fired at. Grenades even if close to you won’t show a warning sign. The player has to manually see it being thrown at them or the one lying on the ground to move out of its path. Shooting enemies is much more difficult becausewith no cross hair and markers, you just have to blindly fair at them.

Battlefield 1Battlefield 1 Real Life Mode

World War I weapons are typically scopeless in most scenarios making Battlefield 1 hardcore like never before. The game already has a hardcore mode in Battlefield 4. The military shooter becomes extremely difficult in this particular mode where no warning signs are provided, maps are gone and it’s up to you find the enemy standing right in front of you.

Battlefield 1 looks much better because of the World War I setup. The person who managed to give a glimpse into game without any notifications has uploaded the video in 4K glory. If you have a monitor with such resolution and high pixel density, it should fun to watch this video in UHD format. The uploaded suggests you to use headphones to experience the sounds DICE has created to make it look realistic.

Despite all these amazing changes, the game still uses an artificial female voice to notify status. It is one thing that is out of place and DICE should definitely fix it before the big launch. The upcoming beta in the month of September should give them an idea of what to keep and what to remove so as to make Battlefield 1 the best World War shooter in recent times.It doesn’t have any competition as Call of Duty is venturing into space warfare this year.

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