3 Things Nintendo Switch Needs to Compete with PS4 and Xbox One

nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch is the hottest discussion in the gaming industry.

The revolutionary idea of making a handheld device that can double up as a home console has caught the attention of many.

However, a lot of gamers are skeptical about Nintendo products because they never allow third party developers to join the fray. This time, things are supposed to be different and that’s the only way to actually make the console a successful launch next year.

nintendo switch

Third Party Developers

The foremost thing that Nintendo Switch requires is third party developers and game titles from the top publishers. While companies like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Activision among many others confirmed they will be making games for the console, it is supposed to be on time and with the right graphical quality. Wii U had a similar promise made but never delivered in the area. Top games continue to be on Xbox One, PS4 which the hybrid device should change to succeed.

Choice of Titles

Nintendo is a family friendly platform for many years now. But, it is time to change the notion. A game like Gears of War 4 or Uncharted 4 on the Switch console would be really good to play on the go. PS Vita had similar games but Sony decided to ditch it completely. Smartphone games are never good and can hardly be called as a gaming experience. With a wide range of games to choose from in multiple genres, the company can finally give a good reason for every gamer to own this handheld when it launches.

Graphics Matter

While people argue that gameplay always wins over graphics, it is a completely wrong claim. Graphical quality in games have evolved so much in the past few years and it would be ignorant to say otherwise. Developers can deliver great graphics on the Nintendo Switch if it has enough hardware power to render them. Skyrim remastered edition is a good example and it was featured in the video the company released last week.

nintendo switch compete ps4 and xbox-one

Apart from these publishers, game engines including Unreal 4 and Unity will be available on the Switch. Most next gen games will be made using the platform and if they could be ported to run on this hybrid device, it could be the best possible experience on the go and at home, all at once. Will Nintendo deliver this time as promised? Let’s hope they do.

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