Next Generation MacBook Pro – Additional Bells and Whistles Expected and About Time Too

Next Generation MacBook Pro

The next Apple event scheduled to occur on the 27th of October will showcase the MacBook Pro, totally retooled with additional bells and whistles, and it’s about time too.

Stale/Stagnant Lineup

The MacBook Pro and actually the entire line of Mac books are direly in need of a refresh and its been pending for a considerably long time. It’s a very long time since Apple has rolled out a revamped or next generation MacBook Pro. The lineup has become rather stagnant, but the good news is that this is soon about to end.

macbook pro

Media Event

Apple has sent invitations in the early part of the week for its media event on the 27th of October. However, as usual, the Cupertino giant has not mentioned the agenda for the event, but it seems that everyone knows that the focus will be on the new Mac Books Pro. The star of the event will most likely be a revamped MacBook Pro, according to rumors and expectations.

Killer Feature

The killer feature expected on the new revamped and retooled MacBook Pro for 2016 is that a new OLED display screen panel will be added, located on the upper portion of the keyboard. The current keyboard will not be expanded and instead, the OLED panel is to be found in the place where you usually find the function keys.

Several photos have been leaked this May connected with the new MacBook Pro and very surprisingly, you can see an empty space in the place of the usual function row of keys.

Benefit of New Design

There is an advantage in this new design, as the OLED display when placed in the keyboard will enable the keys to make dynamic changes to fit the app that a user is currently using. Martin Hajek is a designer who offered several illustrative examples and images showcasing the interesting ways in which users can operate this feature. The possibilities are several, as users can customize shortcuts for a specific application as well.

Dynamic Function Row – Possibilities

Consomac, a French website has discovered the code from the Pages application and hints that users can tweak the OLED display shortcuts, termed as Dynamic Function Row, For instance, users can select a text block and immediately format it to their liking using just a button tap, instead of going through several menus.

Probably, Apple will come up with more examples of this kind at the 27th October media event.

Integration of Touch ID in the Keyboard

Another interesting new addition is the integration of the Touch ID within the keyboard. This means that those who have downloaded the new Mac OS Sierra can use Apple Pay on the Internet.

Next Generation MacBook Pro

Other Changes

As for other changes, the new MacBook Pro is supposed to be slimmer when compared to the earlier model. It will also have a bigger track pad and will have a keyboard that is based on Apple’s butterfly mechanism, which was first seen in the 12 inches MacBook. The keys will probably come with a bigger surface area. The design is an innovative one and offers greater stability and uniformity as well as control, regardless of the spot on which the key is pressed.

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