3 Things that Makes Xbox Series S The Most Viable Gaming Console

XBOX Series S

A series of leaks forced MS to come out of their shell and confirm that the Xbox Series S, the lower end of the console structure will be priced at $299.

Microsoft and Sony was adamantly holding onto their pricing strategy. They are going head on with PlayStation 5 not with exclusives but aggressive pricing and the subscription-based Xbox gamepass service.

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The company had no other choice because the console’s design, pricing and specifications all got out without any official confirmation. By now, everyone in the gaming industry and fans knew that it will be launched on the 10th of November. The pricing will be $300 for the S and $500 for the X, making it utterly competitive against the solo PlayStation 5 console. If you have been on the fence to make a quick decision, this is probably the best time to start mulling over you options.

3 Reasons that Make it Competitive

#3 Pricing

The obvious fact that it is priced at just $299 in the year 2020 makes it seriously competitive and easy to purchase. Even if you are a big time fan of the PS5 and its great exclusives, having another Xbox Series S as an alternative console wouldn’t be a problem at all. For serious gamers who are all about performance, the Series X at $499 delivers 12 teraflops of raw graphical power and is much more powerful than the PS5 which stands at 10 teraflops.

#2 High Refresh Rate Gaming

The games will be far more responsive as they are being stored on a futuristic 512GB SSD. The titles are said to run on 1440p at 120FPS, offering the highest refresh rate possible at such low pricing. You can’t find any PC that would deliver this at this pricing which is what makes it more interesting but there will be no 4K disc drive on this lower end console.

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#1 Subscription Plans

For just $25 a month, you can buy the Xbox Series S with Game Pass for 24 months and it is super affordable for most people. Even those who never had much knowledge about gaming may find this subscription service combined with the easy to play monthly installment feasible than spending, at least $450 on a brand new PlayStation 5 console.

An official announcement from PS5 is expected but as they have a single console to launch, it cannot be priced so low and will not directly compete with any of the Xbox Series consoles this generation.

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