Apple iPhone 12 Production to Begin Shortly, AirTags Mass Production Started

Apple iphone 12

Apple has somehow wiggled out of the pandemic situation that was supposed to have affected iPhone 12’s launch.

They have reduced the delay to just weeks and not months as originally expected. The company’s partners have started producing AirTags in mass numbers and they will soon start working on the next gen version of the smartphone.

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With a strong focus on the lower end of the market, priority will be given to the more affordable version of iPhone 12. The 6.1-inch smartphone will replacement iPhone 11 which sold in phenomenal numbers worldwide and also made it possible because of its more affordable price range. The company has ramped up production as they expect sales to be much higher than usual along with newer iPad models and possibly the rumored AirPods Studio, over-ear headphones with active noise cancelling.

Multiple Sizes, Smaller iPhone 12 in the Making

The iPhone SE 2020 proved that smaller phones are all the rage now. An iPhone 12 with just 5.4-inch display is in the making with triple lens camera and there will be the base model, with a 6.1-inch display and the Pro Max edition with a 6.7-inch display. With these launches, the brand will definitely be able to reach everyone at different price points and especially those who have specific requirements for a screen size.

Apple iphone12

Not everyone is fond of large displays even though most smartphone manufacturers continue to make phones larger than they should be. Besides, the upcoming iPhones are all expected to be more expensive because they will support 5G connectivity out of the box. The world is still a long way from adopting it as its primary source of connectivity but premium smartphones are adopting faster to the change than everyone else.

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According to the company that produces iPhone 12 for Apple, the company plans to ramp up production in October so as to meet the initial launch demand. The final assembly may still take some time and they are all expected to be available in the end of Oct in most regions worldwide.  It is unclear whether buyers would be willing to pay a premium to own 5G phones so early even though there is no way to make use of it with the existing infrastructure of the cellular networks. Despite all these, Nikkei Asian Review adds that the production will focus on OLED iPhone 12 Max phones with a 6.1-inch display while other models will follow suit.

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