3D Design Presents Stunning BMW M2 Concept Models at 2017 Tokyo Auto Show

BMW M2 3D Design

The 2017 Tokyo Auto Show is one of the biggest expos where 3D Design showcased their impressive BMW M2 concept models that will go into production if it manages to impresses buyers.

The Tokyo Auto Salon is a preferred spot for auto manufacturers and individual designers to showcase their modified, tuned cars. Instead of launching new cars, this specific event is dedicated to bringing the best out of modifications. It is one among the top shows right next to the SEMA and the Essen Motor Show that takes place in Germany.

BMW M2 2017 Tokyo Auto Show

People who love to customize the cars they already own can head to this event where the models from BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz steals the show. This year was no different where the company named 3D Design showcased stunning recreations of the popular BMW M2 concept models. They are a known brand in Japan where some of the best customizations are credited to 3D Design. The concept was painted in pure metal silver color that brought the nuances and aesthetics of the BMW design to the forefront.

While there are so many other color variants available, the pure metal silver paint is the most expensive color choice BMW offers. Two different models are being showcased in the event, one of them is the BMW M5 facelift with a black chrome finish while the other is the BMW M2. Inside sources claim that the company is extremely satisfied with what the third party company has done with their cars.

Other specific additions done to the M2 include an aero kit designed by the company that includes a front lip spoiler, is compatible with plug and play setup and has front canards. The kit is made using carbon fiber reinforced polymer making it extremely robust and capable of withstanding impact. The spoiler is designed to be easily mounted on the existing BMW M2’s bumper without any modification to be made. The same durable material is used to be construct the diffuser and the spoiler in the rear end.

BMW M2 3D Design

Another significant highlight that stunned the visitors is the 3D Design BMW M2 version sports Type III forged wheels which is available in either 19-inch or 20-inch variants. The company offers more customization options and choices to choose from so that they individual buyers can get what they want in their favorite M2 car. A couple of photos from the show floor are available for you to browse through.

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