Battery Problems Caused Galaxy Note 7 Fire, Future Remains a Question Mark

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Electronics investigation has identified the battery as the cause of the incendiary Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Probe Conclusion

A probe that was conducted by Samsung Electronics, 005930.KS, has identified the cause of the incendiary Samsung Galaxy Note 7, concluding that the battery of the smartphone was the main cause for the fire.  Someone close to this issue has offered this information to Reuters.

Galaxy Note 7 Battery

Safety Failure

Samsung is still trying to come out of the biggest security failure in its product and also the biggest failure in the history of technology. The company is attempting to begin on a new note, so to speak, with the launching of its new Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship phone for 2017. The release is expected sometime in March or April this year.

Reassuring Buyers

According to analysts as well as investors, it is important for Samsung to identify the cause of the fire in the Galaxy Note 7 devices. The explanation proffered has to be convincing and clear. In addition, according to analysts, it is important that Samsung offers statements regarding the way in which it proposes to prevent such an issue occurring again with other phones that the company releases. This is necessary in order to gain the trust and confidence of its fans and other consumers.

According to Bryan Ma, an IDC researcher based in Singapore, Samsung has to come clean and reassure consumers that the problem will not occur again.

Results Likely

Though the probe by Samsung Electronics is complete and the battery has been identified as the problem behind the fire caused in the Galaxy Note 7 devices, the results have not yet been officially announced. According to the unidentified person revealing the news, the company will probably announce the results on the 23rd of January this year. This will be just one day before the announcement of the 4th quarter earnings of the company. The unidentified source was not in a position to make a public statement and therefore did not want to be identified.

Samsung Electronics

Samsung’s mobile head, Koh Dong jin, will probably announce the result of the probe along with the steps that the company is planning to take in order to prevent the recurrence of the same problem in its new devices, according to the source.

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Recall of Galaxy Note 7

It is common knowledge now that Samsung had to call back about 2.5 million of its Galaxy Note 7 devices in September last year. The cause of the problem was them identified as one related to manufacturing processes with the suppliers. It was later identified as the Samsung SDI Co 006400.KS.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Battery Problem Not Due to Supplier

Samsung claimed that the new Galaxy Note 7 devices would have safe batteries, as they were supplied from another supplier. Unfortunately for the company, these devices also caught fire and Samsung was forced to recall all the devices from all over the world and put a permanent stop to the production of the device. According to Ma of IDC, it could not possibly be a supplier problem, and he suspected that Samsung had not given enough space for the phone’s battery.

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