4 Technologies That You Can Leverage Using Smart Sunglasses

Smart sunglasses

People are setting their sights on smart glasses as the demand for smart wearables continues to grow. As per online reports, the global smart wearables market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 11.5% in 2026, thanks to major players like Apple, Samsung, Google, and Xiaomi.

It’s not surprising that there is a high demand for smart wearables because consumers can use them for lifestyle needs, healthcare purposes, as well as fitness and sports. Whether that is a smart watch, glasses, or any other wearable technological piece, there’s a huge benefit to be had for people.

Smart glasses are one of the smart wearables that are rising in popularity, not only because of the innovative technologies embedded in them but also because they look great. However, it’s the tech that makes them so attractive to consumers.

To illustrate, here are the following technologies that you can enjoy through smart glasses:

Audio Technology

Most smart sunglasses actually double as a speaker, allowing you to enjoy your favorite songs wherever you go.

One of the newest brands of smart sunglasses is Soundcore Frames, which features two small speakers on each temple. These frames are suitable for holidays because they offer 5.5 hours of continuous playback and are even IPX4 water-resistant. You can also tap and swipe the controls on the temples to increase the volume or switch to another song. On top of that, the Soundcore Frames are customizable, so you can swap the frames for any of the ten different designs and even have them upgraded for polarized, blue-light filtering, or prescription options.


Do you enjoy going to new places? You can take photos and videos wherever you go, thanks to the Stories smart sunglasses.

The Stories smart glasses are created by Ray-Ban and Meta, which is why they are available in popular styles like the Wayfarer, Round, and Meteor. Aside from being incredibly stylish, the smart sunglasses can also capture photos and shoot videos through the built-in camera found on either side of the frames. You simply need to click the capture button on the right arm of the smart sunglasses to record everything in front of you. You can also send these photos and videos to your Facebook account, which will be featured in your account’s stories.

Digital Assistance

While the other smart glasses have touch control, you simply have to provide a voice command through Amazon’s smart glasses.

The Amazon Echo Frames allow you to play music, listen to podcasts, and hear about your phone notifications. What sets the smart glasses apart is that it is integrated with Amazon’s Alexa to help you enjoy a truly hands-free experience. However, users should note that the battery of these frames will only last for two hours of music playback and Alexa interaction if they intend to use both technologies simultaneously. Meanwhile, you can get about four hours of playback if you use the technology for listening purposes only.

Augmented Reality

You won’t need augmented reality (AR) headsets, especially when you have smart glasses that can already do the job.

A prototype of smart glasses called the Xiaomi Smart Glasses offers augmented reality displays in the lenses to enhance people’s social media experience. The AR technology works with the voice assistant to help you navigate different apps without touching your smartphone and watch videos on YouTube or TikTok. Early users of the Xiaomi Smart Glasses stated that they could even control the tabs of their apps through the AR technology within the wearable. Though this is still a prototype, you can expect that the glasses’ market version will offer a much smoother experience.

Smart glasses already offer innovative features, despite being new technologies. You can expect these accessories to have more advanced features as they become more popular in the market.

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