GTA Online: New Update Marks The Arrival of New Halloween-Themed Content

GTA Online

New GTA Online update has brought in a plethora of content celebrating the arrival of Halloween week!

Grand Theft Auto Online is a game that is known to roll out updates that revolve around seasons and distinctive themes. Halloween is around the corner and GTA Online has released a new update featuring a plethora of spooky and Halloween-themed content.

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Along with three new scary modes, players can find a mission to take pictures of ghosts, earn bonus GTA$ and several RP rewards, and get their hands on some free loot as well. There is one thing players have to be mindful of though. If they say “Trick or Treat” at any given point in time, they will end up turning into ghosts themselves.

Though GTA Online hasn’t rolled out updates at regular intervals in the recent past, one was pretty sure that a Halloween update would be released. The Halloween update released last year provided players with a rare Sasquatch outfit and a bunch of UFOs. A year before that, Halloween resulted in the arrival of wandering slashers and phantom cars. The content that players receive during a particular Halloween could be very different from what they received in the past. However, certain elements remain the same. Every year, for instance, players receive several exciting bonus rewards.

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This year, there is a lot that GTA Online players can look forward to. One of the most exciting items that players have been provided with is an Albany Brigham muscle car. Players can buy this vehicle from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos shop. GTA+ members have the option of acquiring it for free from the Vinewood Car Club.

GTA Online players will also get the opportunity to engage with a trio of new Halloween Deathmatches. Drop Dead happens to be a team deathmatch mode in which one can witness a face-off happening between the living and the dead in a unique asymmetric combat. A free-for-all deathmatch titled Damned and Lose is incorporated in a maze and no mini-map blips are involved in it.

Players can also look forward to encountering wandering possessed animals that are trained to attack-on-sight and also transform themselves when somebody provokes them. Many players would be excited to see UFOs and phantom cars being back in the game. They should also be happy to find a bunch of new Halloween props in the GTA Online job creator. There are also Business Battles that will implore players to steal spaceship parts from Fort Zancudo.

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