5 Applications Featuring AI at its Best

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the digital world. There are new applications being released almost every day from the Google App Store, and many of these use cutting edge features like AI. Below, we’ll take a look at five applications that feature AI at its very best.


Forbes indicates how Pandora is a revolutionary application for those who love listening to music. Some people call it their musical DNA, and for good reason. Each song on Pandora is analyzed by a team of professional musicians based on 400 musical characteristics. This means the AI system is able to recommend songs you’ll love with incredible accuracy. First launched back in 2011, the application has improved dramatically and is now considered a great place to find great songs you wouldn’t have found anywhere else.

John Paul

John Paul is a luxury travel concierge company that’s highly regarded for its predictive algorithms based on existing client interactions. The application can decipher consumer’s travel needs at a very precise level. Because of its unique capability, it also provides concierge services for customers from the world’s largest companies, including Visa, Air France, and Orange. It was also recently acquired by Accor Hotels due to its unique ability to identify client desires — much like a real concierge would. Traveling can be stressful, and AI can now be used to make it an easier experience for everyone.


The manual element that comes with job searching and hiring can be very inefficient and time consuming, and one of the best uses for AI currently is in matching candidates with the right job opportunities. CareerBuilder is a very useful application that can match you with the right employer. It automatically helps you create your resume, and matches you with employers/employees who are the most likely to respond to you. This is equally useful for employers who can find suitable candidates without going through hundreds of applications. The recruitment industry is being reshaped by AI technology, with some of the most popular AI courses on Udemy focusing on the technology’s applications for business. From advanced analytics to automated communications, AI is changing recruitment for the better. Jobs are changing to adapt to the new technology, which means that apps like CareerBuilder will continue to use AI to help match employers and jobseekers.


Smart homes are becoming super popular among households in the U.S. and abroad, and Amazon’s Alexa has been at the heart of all of this. Similar to the iOS application Siri, Alexa can decipher speech from anywhere in the room. The AI can do anything from scheduling appointments and online shopping, to setting alarms and controlling lights or other smart appliances. Aside from being incredibly convenient to have around the house, it is also very helpful for people with disabilities or those who have limited mobility.

Microsoft Seeing AI

Speaking of applications that support people with disabilities, Microsoft Seeing AI is another innovation that provides effective support. The application works as a talking camera for the blind, providing assistance to people with restricted senses and mobility. Microsoft Seeing AI uses AI to analyze whatever the camera is seeing. If pointed at a person, it will try to recognize their face and describe things about them like their sex and estimated age. You can also point the camera at any text for it to be read out loud. More than that, barcodes on products can also be scanned if you want information on what you’re buying.

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