5 Beginner Tips For Lost Ark You Need To Know

Lost Ark has generated lots of excitement and hype around itself in recent years. As a result, its fan base has increased manifold, and new players are being added to the gaming arena every year.

Now, similar to any other popular game out there, there are some beginner tips for the said game. These tips can help any newbie survive for long in the game while building confidence to be a winner. 

Get ready to enjoy a new MMO experience if you are a beginner. Also, some Lost Ark hacks help the new players secure success in the game. 

Let us read about these five beginner tips for Lost Ark in detail:


Complete the guide quests to unlock additional features

There are special orange quests on your guide or map. These other quests will pop up on the map when you initially level up. These quests are not crucial for completing the mission. But you can achieve these missions to improve your progression. 

If you decide to do these quests, you can get some sweet unlocks. Some of these special upgrades are free pets, extra songs, and powerful life skill tools. 


Unlock and get your free pet

Suppose you decide to do the side quests while beginning your Lost Ark journey. Getting and unlocking the free pet at this time should be a priority for you. You will get a notification for a guide question in the beginning. 

This guide quest will unlock a free pet for you. You will only take a few minutes to get your free pet through these guide quests. Having a pet is an important survival strategy in Lost Ark. 

Initially, your pet will be crucial when you begin your journey in Lost Ark. You can get your free pet near the start of the game. One of the most important things your pet can do for you is automatic loot. 

Your free pets will gather free loot for you on their own. This is an effective way for you to save some time. 


Remember to mount

Mounting and mounts are vital in the Lost Ark game. You can unlock your mount as an option through the main story. In addition, mounts give you instant speed boosts. Through these speed boosts, you will be able to cover large distances easily. 

You can forget about mounting when you cover short distances, although mounting is worth the effort. 

Since mounting is a simple task yet saves you energy and time, people almost forget about it. 


Use fast travel points

Covering the entire map or the world of Lost Ark can be a real problem for beginners getting into the game. There are fast travel points on the map to make travel quicker and more convenient. 

These fast travel points are depicted with a triangle within a circle on the minimap. You must remember the location of these local points. 

These fast travel points will allow you to travel quickly and help you discover new areas on the map. You will feel very frustrated if you visit an area and forget to activate the fast travel points, then you’ll have to travel to that location again. 


Focus on one or two skills initially

When leveling up initially, you should focus only on one or two skills. If you wish to explore the entire skill system, it can be overwhelming for you. You will find tons of skills to choose from at the entry-level. 

Generally, you should invest in attacking and defensive skills first, then explore other skills. Good attacking and defensive skills will help you ease past hordes of monsters as you progress through the game. 

You can use and find these potions through the map. The potions also help you to develop and combine certain skills. 



There are some simple steps to get good at the Lost Ark game. Using these tips will make your early journey in the game much more comfortable. So, read these tips mentioned above in detail and become a pro at the game. Happy playing!

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