Attack On Titan Final Season Officially Announced


There was a lot of chatter about the final episode of Attack On Titan: The Final Season Part 2.

The episode was aired on April 3 and got a good response from the viewers. Interestingly, a short while after the episode was premiered on Japanese TV, the Twitter account of the show made an important announcement pertaining to the future of the show. The next round of the Attack on Titan anime would be the final season’s third part.

At 00:30 JST, the official Twitter account announced that there shall be a follow-up to this season in 2023. This particular announcement suppressed the credibility of the speculation pertaining to the series’ future. It has also resulted in a lot of excitement among fans who are keenly looking forward to how the plot of the series unfolds in the near future.

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The official account of the show, @anime_shingeki, shared the aforementioned tweet right after the final episode came to an end. When translated, the tweet reads:

‘TV Anime “Attack on Titan: The Final Season Final Edition” Broadcast in 2023 on NHK General TV! The announcement video has been released!’

The tweet has served as an answer to particular questions fans of the show have been asking ever since they realized the direction in which the current season was heading.  Many of the fans had a decent idea about how the current season will be concluded.

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Attack on Titan’s final season went on air last year. While the first three seasons of the show were produced by WIT Studio, the recently aired season was helmed by Studio MAPPA. On April 3, the Final Season Part 2 was concluded. With the kind of announcement the makers have made recently, fans feel that they are now better informed about MAPPA Studio plans to move ahead with Attack on Titan.

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