Single-Player Games Continue To Be Our Priority, states PlayStation

In the last several years, a large number of video game publishers have entered the market and have made a mark for themselves.

Despite the market getting more and more crowded every single year, PlayStation has managed to maintain its foothold in the gaming industry. PS1 was launched way back in December 1994 and since then, PlayStation has constantly innovated itself and emerged as an entity that provided a platform to some of the biggest video game franchises in the history of gaming.

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While fans have appreciated many of the efforts taken by PlayStation to penetrate deeper into the gaming sector, one of their recent acquisitions sparked up a debate in the gaming community. A couple of days back, PlayStation acquired Haven Studio which was owned by Jade Raymond. It also made an announcement about developing a live-service game for the PS5. In the last few years, live-service games have become tremendously popular owing to their longevity. Now, it seems PlayStation, too, wants to cash in on the popularity of this gaming format.

As soon as this announcement came through, a section of the fans panicked and concluded that PlayStation will now stop publishing single-player games. As soon as PlayStation became aware of these concerns, it took effective steps to address them.

spiderman Playstation

Jade Raymond and HermenHulst, who head PlayStation Studios, recently gave an interview to during which they spoke about their motivations behind acquiring Haven Studio. Hulst stated that the live-service game’s development process will not have any effect on single-player franchises like Horizon Zero Dawn and Ghost of Tsushima. Hulst further added that Sony is quite kicked about these live-service games as well.

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As soon as this interview went live, many PlayStation fans heaved a sigh of relief. These days, a large number of gamers prefer playing battle royale and multiplayer games. However, there is still a huge market for the single-player franchises spawned by Sony. Many of the old franchises like Ratchet and Clank and God of War enjoy widespread popularity even today.

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