5 New Features in Facebook Messenger that Makes it an All-in-one App

Facebook Messenger

Social media is going at a brisk pace yet Facebook is aware that they need new technologies and features to keep them going.

At the F8 event, the Facebook Messenger received a whole lot of new items based on chat bots than you could keep track of. Here are the top five that could actually matter to you in your daily life.

Facebook Messenger New Features

Workplace Bots

The first and most potential addition is the Facebook Messenger workplace bots which is designed for enterprise users. While the company owned WhatsApp already plans to bring in structured messages and translation, FB is going a different albeit similar route. The bots will allow workers to easily sync with file service tools like Box and Salesforce. IT Compliance tools are an integral part of any office setup and it now works with SkyHigh, Smarsh and the popular Netskope.

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Messenger Group Bots

A useful addition without a doubt as with Facebook Messenger Group bots, users can get a whole lot of information without having to leave the interface. Most spend a lot of time on Google but the app now aims to simplify your search. Information including updates on an ongoing sports game, local updates it will be provided in the app and the group can also collaborate to create their own Spotify playlists besides booking travel tickets and adventure trips.

Discovery Bots

Another Google Now inspired feature, the new discovery tab will allow you to browse through hot categories, happening news and view trending experiences. Users have the option to know a bot’s functionality before choosing to converse with it. They are equipped with Smart replies that provide the best possible answers that are useful and interesting.

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Games Tab

Gaming has always been an important integration in Facebook Messenger. Instant Games is a new tab in the messenger which is now a dedicated section for game lovers. Facebook became such a popular game because of its titles like Mafia and Farmville. The new lineup of games also include turn based titles that are more engaging and pull your friends in for a more social experience unlike the conventional beat the high score types.

Facebook Messenger

VR Integration

It’s not just the Messenger app but everything including the Facebook social media platform is going to be integrated into VR. Browsing feeds on a virtual reality may not be an amazing experience right now but it is the future, believes Mark Zuckerberg. And, the company owns Oculus which inevitably leads to this integration.