Samsung Galaxy Note 8 News, Rumors and Release Date – Here’s why you should wait

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note series is without a doubt a very popular lineup and this was evident when so many were left unhappy with what happened to the Galaxy Note 7 – a phone that had set new records as far as pre-orders are concerned.

Since the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7, many Note fans have been eagerly waiting for when the tech giant will come in with a replacement. Even though the launch of the phablet-sized Samsung Galaxy S8+ might just be a real solution to some, there are definitely others who are stuck between going for the S8+ that packs a completely new design and all the latest bells and whistles or wait a little bit longer for the Galaxy Note 8.

Of course, the Galaxy S8+ has just about all that it takes to be a worthy Galaxy Note 7 replacement, however, one thing that it can’t match is the S Pen. This feature has remained exclusive to the Note series and Samsung is not about to let it make its way to the S series. If you just can’t stay off taking notes, drawing and sketching, doodling, and doing a bunch of other things with the S Pen on your phone, there’s no way the S8+ will fit you. However, if the only reason you loved the Note series is display screen size, well, you might have found a new soul mate in the S8+.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Updates

There’s no doubt that the huge 6.2-inch curved Super AMOLED display screen on the Galaxy S8+ will be a real threat to the Galaxy Note 8. But if rumors are to be believed, the latter will take this real estate battle to the next level by debuting a monstrous 6.4-inch Super AMOLED panel with the same design as the S8+. The fastest processors available – Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895 – are also expected to power the Galaxy Note 8 alongside an impressive 6GB RAM. With this in mind, it might be really hard to tell the Note 8 and S8+ apart.

To make the two phones further distinct, Samsung is rumored to be working on a dual-lens camera for the Galaxy Note 8. This was at some point touted for the Galaxy S8+, but as we know now, there’s no chance of having this setup on the phone. The only real chance of dual-lens cameras on a Sammy device is the Galaxy Note 8 and given how good the camera on the S8, S8+ and even S7 Edge is, you can only dream of better with the dual camera package on the Note 8.

One of the major highlights of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ has been the new Bixby digital assistant. However, there’s one little problem – Bixby won’t be available for immediate use in the U.S. and this gets even worse when it comes to those in Europe, with the wait set to go on until Q4 2017. If Bixby is one thing you’d really want to see on your phone, you might do well with waiting for the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 later in the year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

We all know that Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Note 8 somewhere in September, which coincides with the expected official release of Bixby. In short, the Note 8 will be here at a time when Bixby will be fully usable, which makes sense waiting for it. The case with Bixby is similar to Samsung DeX, which will also be going through a series of refinements between now and September, when the Note 8 will finally be here. In fact, it would make more sense since the Note series has had more appeal to enterprise customers than mainstream users.

So, will you wait for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or go with the Galaxy S8/S8+? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.