Mercedes Benz Concept A Sedan Revealed at 2017 Shanghai Auto Show

Mercedes Benz Concept A Sedan

Mercedes Benz has an A-Class sedan to be unveiled, which is the Concept A Sedan designed for the future.

The car was officially showcased at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show.

A lot of concept models and upcoming cars were present at the Chinese version of the car expo where Mercedes managed to pull the crowd with its own offering. The concept design is a possible sneak peak into the future of cars they are going to make. They are sleek, compact and will be the fourth generation A-Class models and will further expand the saloons in the series. Compared to the current hatch model, the new concept is much longer but the sides are made narrow with a reduced ride height to balance the aerodynamics.

Mercedes Benz Concept A

Almost everything in the car seems to have been changed except for the Panamerican front grille which is already being used in the AMG GT. The grille will continue to be used in all full house AMG models including the A 45 AMG and many other variants to be launched in the coming years. Stylish additions in the car include large 20-inch alloy wheels, new details on the bonnet combined with sleek LED headlamps.

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“While the proportions and the overall size of the car will undergo some changes to make it look compact, the car will still be the A-Class model that people have come to love throughout the years. Everything familiar right from the rear wheel drive controls to the overall comfort is there. While the car does use a front wheel drive system, it continues to have the proportions of the rear wheel drive so as to get the same experience. The achievement has been accomplished by making changes in the engineering side. Our goal is to make the new range of cars compact, stylish and look sporty,” commented Gorden Wagener, the chief design officer at Mercedes.

Mercedes Benz Concept A Sedan

He continued to say that the team has worked on the Mercedes Benz Concept A Sedan to improve overall functionality, dashboard features and provided more headroom for rear seat passengers so that they could sit with ease. The size of the boot is now longer allowing increased cargo space. According to an earlier Mercedes statement, it is known that there will be at least three different cars scheduled to be launched in the Concept A series by 2020. 2018 A-Class will be the first followed by the CLA four-door coupe and then will be the GLA crossover.