LG LV5 Leaks, Smartphone Resembles the LG G5


LG has recently unveiled the V20, a phone that came in succeed last year’s LG V10. While there were rumors that the phone will come with a similar modular design as what is found on the LG G5, the company took a different direction, instead, keeping a lot of what was found on the original V10.

However, in a surprising move, the company seems to be working on a new phone dubbed LG LV5. According to the leaked photos, the supposed LV5 shares a lot with the LG G5 when it comes to looks. Don’t get too excited, though, as there is nothing to do with the modular design of this phone.

The usual suspect with the leak is the famous OnLeaks and apparently, the image is just a rough look at what the LG LV5 might indeed look like when it is released. The phone will reportedly feature a slightly curved front panel, similar to what you see with the G5. Turning around the back of the handset will reveal a regular snapper that features a LED flash below it.

With the fingerprint scanner becoming a common thing even with mid-range handsets, it is hard to tell whether the LG LV5 will be another flagship device from the South Korean company. Still, this feature will be coming with the phone, featuring on the rear panel. This panel will reportedly be removable, something that means the battery will also be removable, just like other LG handsets.


It is still unknown whether LG LV5 will truly be the name of this LG phone. Similarly, the leaked images have no details of when the phone could be available. Nonetheless, we expect LG to ship the LV5 with the latest software – Android 7.0 Nougat – just like it has already done with the LG V20.

Most of the technical aspects of the phone are missing, but we expect to see more leaks coming in the coming days. Keep following us.

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