5 Things You Didn’t Notice in Battlefield 1 E3 2016 Trailer

Battlefield 1 E3 2016

Electronic Arts don’t have a presence at the E3 2016 show floor. Instead, they hosted their own event right before the big day and launched all the best titles including the Battlefield 1 multiplayer trailer.

EA has a great lineup of games including Battlefield 1. Titanfall 2, FIFA 17 among other titles. Some of them got leaked, as they call it. It is a deliberate marketing strategy as almost every other game has its footage available online right now. Publishers suddenly boycotted the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 for no big reason. Till last year, it used to be the place to go for everything game. Let’s hope the event is revived next year. For now, the Battlefield 1 trailer revealed a lot and here are the five important things you didn’t notice in it.

Hand to Hand Combat

Hand to hand combat has never been the forte of Battlefield games because they are supposed to be war shooters. However, the new title might have some great moments as revealed by the trailer. It showcased two soldiers fist fighting while the usual melee kill was there. It went in a flash and is easy to miss.

Limited Cavalry Experience

The cinematic end to the Battlefield 1 trailer was awesome when a bunch of horses rode to catch up with a train and bring down the enemies. But, they also die in a jiffy which confirmed that cavalry is not never going to be powerful against automatic weapons. So, don’t expect to use too much of your horses.

Battlefield 1 E3 2016 Trailer

Dynamic Weather

A feature players wanted for a very long time. Snipers can no longer bunk in one place to keep taking out enemies. The weather will not be based on the map but rather keep changing from time to time. Rain and fog can happen all of a sudden making it impossible to strike a target.

Higher Weapon Recoil

Weapons made in the World War I were never as sophisticated as modern day equipment. The reason led to increased recoil making it difficult to keep firing at will. Battlefield 1 tries to keep it close to real life but it’s definitely not a shooting simulator.

Multiple Melee Weapons

Bayonets, entrenching tools and hatchet were found in the trailer as well as the multiplayer events held by EA. Battlefield 1 is going to have such weapons spread all along making it easy to find one and kill an opponent without relying on guns all the time.

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