5 Things That You Should Know About Destiny 2 Open Beta on PS4, Xbox One

Destiny 2 Open Beta on PS4

If you are a PC Gamer, this is not for you because Destiny 2 is getting launched on PCs but is not going to be available as an open beta until August.

The first lot opens for PS4 gamers on July 18th and will go all the way through July 23rd followed by a beta program for Xbox One players.

When you are about to embark on this amazing journey which has become much better with time and in the sequel, here is what you will get in the beta.

Destiny 2

First Campaign Mission

Single player story missions are fun, addictive and put you right in the middle of battle unlike multiplayer modes. Destiny 2 has an actual campaign and in the beta, you will be able to play the first mission which will end in a cliffhanger making you wait until the full game is out. The mission has been titled Homecoming.

Explore New Sub Classes

The more classes any first person shooter or MOBA has, the more addictive and competitive it could be! The game packs brand new classes which is something you should know about. After all, when you have new ones like Dawnblade Warlock, Arcstrider Hunter or the Sentinel Titan to choose from, it gets more exciting than the original game was.

Competitive Mode 1 – Control

People who have already played the original Destiny should be familiar with Control and Crucible Combat game mode. The idea is to control one of the nodes or many of them based on which your team will win. It’s very similar to many other veteran FPS multiplayer titles but is fun in its own way here.

Competitive Mode 2 – Countdown

The map in which Destiny 2 beta Countdown will be played is designed to support the particular game mode. You can choose to either attack or defend your area from other guardians. More details on the map is expected to be announced at a later time.

Destiny 2 Open Beta


The Farm – a Social Space for Destiny 2 Gamers

After making enough maps and modes, the developers of Destiny 2 are giving a shot at something entirely new. The team calls it the social space where players could come together to talk to friends, kick the ball or find their chicken to play with. It is not explained in detail but with just weeks to go, it won’t be long before The Farm goes live on July 23rd, the last day of the beta program.

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