5 Ways How Intelligent Delivery System Saves Space on Xbox One Console

Xbox One Console

When you are out shopping for a new Xbox One console or like to pre-order the upcoming Xbox One X console, the first and foremost thing that you look for is space.

There are consoles with just 500 GB which goes all the way up to a massive 1 TB of space.

In reality, most players may not use so much space because consoles are not computers. You don’t store terabytes of movies, music and software on your Xbox One S console because it was never meant to be such a storage backup. However, what you do most of the time is install all the games you like and keep them ready so that you can get into the action any time without difficulty. Here’s a new system to help you get it done without using too much storage space.

Intelligent Delivery System Saves Space on Xbox One Console

DLC Packs are No Longer Needed

There is no need to install all the DLC packs in games like Call of Duty, Battlefield or other titles. They take up a lot of space. When the new update rolls out for Xbox One, it will be easier than ever to keep only what is needed to play the game.

Skip 4K Files

Xbox One X is a console dedicated to offering 4K graphics and it requires additional files to be downloaded. But, if you own the base model there is no need to have gigabytes of data that you are never going to use at all.

Get English or Russian, Not All of Them

Multi-language support is commonly found in all games. They take up a lot of space. Your average game may take up more space because of multiple languages saved and kept. If you like only English, that’s it. Just keep it.

Xbox One Console save

Gameplay Specific Content

The intelligent delivery system which will soon be rolled out as a software update on Xbox One will be able to find gameplay specific content. It will ensure you don’t have to keep 50GB of Call of Duty just to play the single player campaign.

Publisher Support is Important

While Microsoft is keen on making intelligent delivery system mandatory on all games, only some titles will support it on launch on the Xbox One and Xbox One X console. Other games will soon be updated so as to make it possible for you to use your 500GB console to keep all the AAA titles installed at once.

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